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We Scan, Organize and Host

A document management or contract management system organizes contracts, leases, mail, email, invoices and any other documents you care to track.


We Make Content Accessible

A fast, secure, reliable database can hold your business information, expedite reports and enhance your content management process.


We Support Litigation

Our paralegals and IT professionals carefully image, index, review, redact, code, flag and host documents in support of the e-discovery process. 


We Build Data Rooms 

Secure document sharing in a virtual deal room or an online due diligence platform makes it easy for you to monitor and control third party access to your data. 


We Merge Acquired Documents

Successful acquisitions require the systematic merger or integration of documents into existing operations.

We should outsource our document management problem. Business meeting photos purchased by Tom Byers for Solvaire at Dreamstime..

Professional Document Services Make Your Job Easier

Content Management – Document Management – Contract Management

Fortune 500 companies and other demanding clients choose Solvaire's document content service to achieve mission-critical objectives. View a list of distinguished Solvaire clients and take a look at our unrivaled precision guarantee.  

Are You...

  • Frustrated by lost documents or hard-to find contract data?

  • Struggling for control in the face of rapid expansion?

  • Acquiring or selling assets?

  • Worried about regulatory requirements?

  • Overwhelmed with paper contracts or other documents?

  • Not sure whether you need software or service?

A customized solution will ensure your success. Outsource your whole project or just part of it. We can take care of imaging, data entry, database design, hosting, training, and quality control.

Are you unhappy with your current document management practices and looking for a change? Download the free white paper on Avoiding Common Mistakes When Choosing a Document Management System. If you are just starting to learn about this important topic and want to understand the basic terminology, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Solvaire has partnered with Babst Calland and LegalEye to enhance our litigation support capabilities.  We are a proud member of PIOGA, supporting efforts in the energy industry to protect the environment, meet contractual obligations and comply with government regulations.

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