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Better-Than-99% Precision Guarantee

You demand accuracy and accountability. That's why we back our promise to exceed 99% accuracy with an agreement to process 100 documents at no additional charge if we fall short.

No client has ever complained to us about accuracy. We want to keep it that way. Our staff takes great pride in avoiding mistakes. Our supervisors take great pride in catching mistakes before they make it to a client's database.

This guarantee covers content, organization, accessibility, and typographical precision on a week-by-week basis. For each week that Solvaire Technologies L.P. would achieve ninety-nine percent or lower precision in any of those areas, your company would receive a 100-document credit, which is redeemable over the next 365-day period.

You have it in writing. We will compensate you substantially if errors by our staff reach or exceed even one percent of our entries for you in a week. You can expect the right information to be accessible in the right location more than ninety-nine percent of the time. More details appear below.

Terms and Conditions of the Better-Than-99% Precision Guarantee


  • Content Precision: More than 99% of Solvaire Technologies L.P. employees' field entries in a given week will be clearly distinguishable from every alternative form of the content that otherwise appears in a given field for other documents. For instance, "Ajax Corporation" will not appear when the correct entry would be "Acme Corporation." A September date will not appear when the correct entry would be for October. Misspellings, such as "Ajjax Corporation" or "Sepptember" are subject to the conditions of typographical precision rather than content precision.
  • Organizational Precision: When Solvaire Technologies L.P. employees categorize, link, label or index a document or any information contained within a document, they will apply the correct category, label, link or index entry such that the location of the document or information will not be confused with any alternative location in more than 99% of cases for a given week. For instance, no sales invoice should be listed as a lease agreement. No image of a trademark permit should appear when you click on a link to an easement contract.
  • Typographical Precision: Solvaire Technologies L.P. employees will spell more than 99% of words correctly in a given week. 
  • Accessibility Precision: If Solvaire Technologies L.P. is hosting your data, it will be available more than 9,981 minutes during a given week. Server down-time will not restrict access to your data for more than 99 minutes during that week. We store your information in an SAS 70 Type II Compliant Data Center.
  • Given Week: A given week is a calendar week that begins each Sunday morning at 12:00 AM and ends the following Saturday night at 11:59 PM.
  • Credit: A credit for the processing of a document may take the form of Solvaire Technologies L.P. physically processing an additional document beyond the volume designated in a client's contract with Solvaire or a fee-reduction or refund of a pro-rated amount as explained in the claim procedure below.

Exclusions and Client Responsibilities

  • Information entered or altered by any person other than a Solvaire Technologies L.P. employee is excluded. Clients are responsible for the actions of their own employees, third party vendors, and all other persons or organizations to whom they grant access to make changes in their database.
  • Mistakes more than two weeks old are excluded. Clients are responsible for reporting mistakes in a timely manner.
  • Acronyms, contractions and abbreviations do not constitute misspellings. The typographical precision guarantee does not cover grammar or punctuation because sentence fragments and alternative punctuations are often appropriate as field entries. Clients may request changes in style to match their preferences.
  • Error rates over time periods shorter than a week or week-length periods other than that defined above as a "given week" are excluded. Errors documented by clients and fixed by Solvaire or by the client prior to the end of a given week do still count toward the error rate for that week and do not prevent the client from making a claim against the Better-Than-99% Precision Guarantee.
  • Failure of a client to retrieve data hosted by Solvaire is excluded if, and only if, the data was available to parties with functional Internet access and working permissions. Clients are responsible for remembering their login IDs and passwords and for maintaining their Internet connections.
  • Mistaken and difficult-to-read information provided by clients to Solvaire are excluded. For instance, if any document sent by a client to Solvaire indicates a lease agreement with a company labeled "Ajjax Corporation" when the document should indicate "Acme Corporation," then Solvaire is responsible for neither the misspelling nor the mistaken identification of the company name. Clients are responsible for providing correct and clearly legible information to Solvaire Technologies L.P.

Claims and Credits

  • To report a claim under the Better-Than-99% Precision Guarantee program, simply notify a Solvaire Technologies L.P. manager of your intent. It is only necessary for clients to document mistakes, not the proportion of mistakes to correct entries in a given week. Any client who disputes a Solvaire computation of that proportion may escalate the issue to higher management up to and including the president of the company.
  • Report all claims for a given week during that week or the following week.
  • A verified claim will result in a credit of 100 documents to be processed in the same manner as has been customary under the existing contract between the client and Solvaire Technologies L.P. The choice of documents to be included under the credit program is at the discretion of the client but is limited to documents of twenty or fewer pages. Master documents and supporting documents are considered as separate entities under this program such that ten master documents that are linked with ninety supporting documents would constitute the full 100 documents.
  • Credits must be redeemed during regular business hours within one calendar year. They expire at the end of the last business day prior to the 366th calendar day from the date of issue.
  • If a client's contract with Solvaire Technologies L.P. is such that the payment does not vary with the volume of documents, then a monetary credit will be applied that is proportional to the number of documents processed during the billing period in question. For instance, if 300 documents are processed during the billing period, then the service fee will be reduced by one third. If 400 documents are processed, then the reduction will be one fourth. If the client has already paid the service fee, then the pro-rated amount will be refunded or credited toward the next billing period at the client's discretion. No refund will be made for software license, technical set-up or other fees.
  • Credits may be redeemed only by a client that has made a verified claim. They are not transferable to entities other than the client.
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