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Frequently Asked Questions about Document Management




What is Document Management?

Document management is a system for organizing and accessing documents. It combines human workflow guidelines with technology. Examples of technology are: hardware for scanning, software for digital conversion, and hosting for remote access.

What is Content Management?

Content management is a set of processes and technologies that support collection, organization, and sharing of information from business documents. It can generate meaningful reports from a database on demand.

What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the transfer of data to new storage media or new formats. Examples include the digitization of paper documents, the movement of old records into a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) database, and the integration of documents that a business acquires through a merger or an acquisition. It often involves automated steps such as extraction, transformation, conversion and loading from one database to another. Trained document specialists reduce the rate of error.

Should We Outsource?

Whether you run your project in-house or outsource it, the people who process your documents must avoid mistakes, work efficiently, understand the principles of document content management, and respect the importance of your business data. Solvaire recommends that dedicated, competent and well-trained individuals take up this assignment. Resist the temptation to dump it on a team that already bears responsibility for a wide range of other projects. For large projects, hiring new employees or outsourcing the work usually makes sense. Consult your human resource professionals after receiving an estimate of the person-hours needed to complete your project. If you choose to have us host your solution, be assured that our data center is SAS 70 Type II Compliant. If you choose the in-house option, Solvaire can train both the document handlers and supervisory personnel. We can customize your outsourcing to include the amount of work that makes sense for your situation. Our team can run the whole project from A to Z if you request it of us.

What Can Go Wrong?

See our white paper on ways to avoid common mistakes. The five major mistakes we describe and illustrate are:

  1. Export of business decisions to IT personnel.

  2. Failure to get buy-in from the front line.

  3. Underestimation of training requirements.

  4. Underestimation of workload during a transition.

  5. Failure to consider workflow processes.

What Are the Main Phases of a Document Management Project?

  1. Consultation: Learn the basic options and how they can apply to your situation.

  2. Needs Analysis: Discover how to optimize the workflow of your information management.

  3. Proposal: Evaluate the costs and benefits of a proposed solution.

  4. Implementation: Introduce changes and train users one department at a time.

Why Solvaire?

  1. Mistakes Hurt: A chemical company failed to renew its ground lease on time because no one set up an electronic reminder. They had to relocate a $17 million facility.

  2. Division of Labor Helps: Full time experts can organize information from your documents more efficiently than non-specialists. Skilled labor requires focus.

  3. Precision Adds Value: You are wise to insist on a document management service that backs up its claims in writing. Solvaire guarantees an accuracy rate higher than 99%.

  4. Excellence Pays: We can prevent more than one hundred mistakes in your next ten thousand entries if you ask us to replace a system that is only 98 percent accurate.

  5. Experience Counts: Solvaire has earned praise from Fortune 500 companies and other demanding clients for more than a decade. We choose staff with professional credentials and train them to follow precise guidelines.

  6. Flexibility Matters: We offer full project management, or we can customize a solution with any mix of software, training, staffing and hosting.

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