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Document Management & Contract Management:
Quick, Secure, Reliable Access to Content

  1. Tell us how you want to use your data.
  2. Send us your paper documents or electronic files.
  3. We review them, extract information and organize your secure database.
  4. Now you can easily access critical documents, data and reports from anywhere on demand.
Choosing Whether to Outsource

Solvaire can do the work for you, or we can provide you with the best tools and training. Our document specialists work quickly at a guaranteed level of accuracy. A program manager and technical director oversee quality at every step. Weigh the costs and benefits before hiring new people or assigning specialized tasks to your current management and staff.

Document content management system


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Database Design, Scanning, and Content Management for

Paper Documents / Electronic Files / Contracts / Lease Agreements / Trademark Permits / Invoices

And Any Other Documents in Any Formats on Any Media

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  key to managing business documents and content

If your document management system is out of control, so is your business.

The keys to good document management are access and accuracy. The right people should be able to retrieve accurate information on demand. How does your process measure up? If you just scan it and forget it, or if you file it in a cabinet, then you will face angry clients and frustrated employees.

Solvaire hands you the keys. People, not machines, should digitize your business content. Trained experts far outperform automated systems. They understand information in context and move it to the right part of your database. Our document conversion system unlocks business intelligence that an OCR capture system will never find.

Content management brings business documents to life. You can see document images. You can search your database. You can call up reports about expiration dates, geographic locations, or any other criteria. Tell us all the important aspects of your business content. We customize your solution and build your database the way you want it.


View the Solvaire white paper on effective document management.

View Solvaire's Better-Than-99% Precision Guarantee.

Our document specialists make content management a breeze for your enterprise.
  • Ask us to design your database with our easy-to-use TRAX software or let us move data into your existing system.
  • Enjoy a consistent executive summary of each document.
  • Easily access your information on the web 24/7.
  • Track parties to each agreement, execution dates, commencements, terms, expirations... and lots more.
  • Set reminders to avoid missing crucial deadlines.
  • Sleep well knowing that multi-layered security protects your confidential information in an SAS 70 Type II Compliant Data Center.
  • Customize reports to meet your unique business needs.
  • Request integration with your cloud.
  • Consult with our staff about compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other regulations.

See a quick slide show of the TRAX layout and its key features

Request more information

As your document management company, we are committed to quality at every step.
  • Consultation: We interview you and your personnel to determine your company's informational needs.
  • Customization: We can modify our flexible, powerful, and blazingly fast TRAX platform to meet your project’s data-integration needsor we can upload data and convert documents using your current software. We will be happy to integrate our solution with your enterprise resource planning strategy.
  • Retrieval: We assist you in retrieving documents and we implement a customized document indexing and tracking procedure.
  • Abstraction: Our experienced paralegals analyze your documents and accurately abstract all relevant information. We extract, summarize and digitize all relevant material. Solvaire operates nationwide from its home base in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Integration: Use of industry standard SQL database design within a Microsoft .net framework not only ensures tremendous "horsepower" to process enormous volumes of data quickly but also avoids many compatibility issues and ties in easily with GIS systems.
  • Scanning and Linking: We scan each business document and link it to an executive summary for contextualized access to each digital image.
  • Review: Human eyes will assess your data at multiple stages of the data migration process to ensure consistency and reliability.
  • Training: You and your employees will learn to access document images, search the database, and run reports.
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