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Solvaire Partner Program

Your partnership with us can be informal or formal. An informal Solvaire Partner is a person or an organization that refers business to us. You can earn referral fees by recommending our world-class service to companies that need help solving document management problems. A formal partner works more closely with us to identify and address clients' needs and to bring projects to fruition.

How should I recommend Solvaire?

When you learn of a company that can benefit from our services, tell a decision-maker about us. Mention our industry-leading accuracy guarantee and our track record earning praise from well-known clients. You may also offer to set up a meeting either in person or by teleconference.

How do I submit a referral to Solvaire?

Call us at 855-405-9048. Provide us with contact information for the decision-maker to whom you recommended us. Permit us to use your name as a reference. You may also play a more active role in arranging a match. See the next paragraph for details.

How much can I earn?

You can earn hundreds of dollars for some referrals and tens of thousands for others. You will receive at least three percent of the value of the initial agreement between Solvaire and a company for which you provided an original and valid referral. Arrange and attend the first meeting to qualify for four percent. Participate throughout the entire process leading to the initial agreement to earn five percent. Sample referral fees appear at the bottom right of this page.

How can I learn more about Solvaire?

Visit all the pages on this web site. Take the self test on the right side of this page. Call us at 855-405-9048. Visit us at Two Gateway Center in the Pittsburgh Golden Triangle.

What about the fine print?

Read the terms and conditions for partner referrals to learn all the details of the program. Call us at 855-405-9048 to ask questions or request a demonstration.

Do you offer a formal partner contract?

Yes. Our representative can meet with you or your representative to negotiate and sign a printed version of the terms and conditions. We consider ourselves bound by the protections offered to you in the online public version of that document with or without a signature. If you prefer to submit your referrals in writing and to receive acknowledgement of referrals, also in writing, Solvaire can accommodate you. We are open to revising the terms and conditions to reflect the nature of a formal partnership, for instance if you wish to retain our services on a subcontractual basis.

Will you recommend my company?

Solvaire will consider recommending your company as part of a formal partnership. Existing clients and partners will normally take precedence when we choose who to recommend. To be considered for our recommendation, please provide verifiable information to show that your company stands behind its work, follows best practices for its industry and has received superior testimonials, ratings or reviews from clients or objective third parties.

Solvaire Partner Self Test
Hover to the right of each question for the answer.
Q: True or False, Solvaire guarantees a maximum of 95% accuracy when transferring information from a client's documents to a database?   False, Better than 99%!
Q: In what Pennsylvania city is Solvaire located?   Pittsburgh
Q: Can Solvaire put information from contracts or other documents into a client's searchable database?   Yes!
Q: Does Solvaire provide software, training and online hosting for corporate document management?   Yes!
Q: Does this web site contain glowing testimonials from Fortune 500 companies and other clients?   Yes!
Q: What do you call the online area where documents can be securely accessed for due diligence?   Data room or virtual deal room

Sample Referral Fees

Full 5% Fee on $450,000 Project
Basic 3% Fee on $80,000 Project
$22,500 $2,400

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