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What Some of Our Clients Have Said About Us

"Solvaire solved a very real need for our company. We knew we needed to improve upon how we manage our documents, but we never imagined the savings would be this dramatic. The Solvaire team abstracted information from more than 14,000 of our contracts and entered the data we needed into the TRAX database. Now the information doesn't get lost or misplaced. Better yet – our key personnel, both local and remote, now have instant access to the information they need to get their work done. Reports are very easy to run using TRAX. Our former, manual process required six people more than three days to compile information for one of our standard monthly reports. Now, it takes five people four hours to complete this task. That's a savings of 18.5 staff days! Our team is more efficient than ever. We appreciate having our documents in one centralized location rather than stored in boxes and files throughout the building.

Solvaire's project management and implementation skills were fantastic – they delivered the project on time and with no disruption to our on-going business operations. They made this significant transition simple. It was a pleasure working with the professionals at Solvaire."

Kerry Hughes 
Director of Client Services 
Strategic Energy 
A leading competitive supplier of retail electricity acquired by Direct Energy
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"We at Heinz were completely satisfied by Solvaire Technologies and TRAX, its flagship software product. We were impressed by the up-front project planning that Solvaire's team undertook prior to beginning the project. They went out of their way to understand our requirements and continued to adapt the product to our changing needs.

Having a predictable project budget was imperative, and Solvaire's detailed and up-front cost estimate proved to be reliable for each phase of the project. Solvaire's professional staff was talented and affordable, especially when compared with other alternatives.

Solvaire's base product met most all of our needs, and the customization we requested was rapid and seamless. The typical paper-based approach to a project of this magnitude would not have provided the reporting function we required, and could have drastically increased our costs."

Patrick J. Guinee 
Assistant General Counsel 
H.J. Heinz Company 
A Fortune 500 international food company

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"The site worked great, and many thanks to the team there for jumping in (with both feet!) to help us out. Although it was not the idea, almost everyone came out of the experience with both an understanding of the need for electronic files, as well as a clear sense of what we don't want in a data room (as the... data room provider [a Solvaire competitor] was a complete disaster). The comparison between the systems was startling -- and in every case, the Solvaire system came out on top. Everyone was very impressed."

Jim Means 
Vice President, General Counsel 
A telecommunications company acquired by Level 3 Communications

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  Alpha Land and Reserves

"[Solvaire is] very service-oriented and sensitive to our day-to-day needs. Although they acquired and processed critical land documents from multiple states, we experienced no loss of data and very minimal disruption in productivity. Our land managers and contract personnel were able to access the necessary documents when they needed them During Solvaire's implementation, Solvaire's efficient project scheduling and 'just-in-time' work flow processes enabled us to perform our daily activities without missing a beat."

Vicki Duffy 
Vice President
Alpha Land and Reserves
A leading Appalachian coal producer now operating as Alpha Natural Resources 


"Thank you. I just love this TRAX system. It is one of the easiest software packages that I've ever used and everything is right at your fingertips."

Unsolicited email from Alpha user to Vicki Duffy

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